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Fishing in Kuwait

Kuwait is a great country for fishing with 1930 lakes, streams, rivers, waterfalls, reservoirs, sandbars, and other fishing destinations to choose from. Due to its proximity to water, Kuwait offers several options for adventurous water sports.

Fishing is a favourite sport here, due to the presence of variety of fish species, such as six different types of sharks, four types of tuna and mackerel, two types of barracuda and ray fish, availability of snappers, soles, breams, catfish, flounders, needlefish, and puffers that makes fishing more interesting.

Fishing is more of family outing in Kuwait, particularly during the weekend. You can fish by standing on prominent rocks with sophisticated long casting rods, or at the end of piers using simple poles, lines and hooks. Else, you can use wire baskets to catch fry from the water off the beaches using nets held by several people. If you prefer fishing from boats, you may use trawls and multi-hooked lines. However, experts use home-made fishing equipment, or buy a simple sophisticated fishing tackle from shops.

Places for Fishing

Some of the best places for shore fishing are Scientific Centre, Shouq Shark, Shuwaikh beach area, fishing spots in Ahmadi, and south-east of Kuwait. There are the popular Salmiyyah Fishing Piers located near the Scientific Centre, Kuwait. They are strongly made from concrete, stretching 15 meters into the Arabian Gulf. They are busy during the weekend, and when the weather is fine. Even if you do not go for fishing, the pier is a good place for a seaside promenade.

Kuwait has three main fishing fleets – the industrial shrimp fishing fleet, the artisanal dhow fleet and the small speedboat fleet. The industrial shrimp fleet is located at Ash Shuáybah and at Doha Port, and all shrimp landings from the fleet are made there. The artisanal dhow and speed boat fleet land their catch at several locations including Failaka Island. All Fishing boats have easy access to ports at all times, except Al-Kherafi landing place, which can be used only during high tide.

Fishing accessories / supplies

If you are a fishing fanatic, you can also book for a fishing trip with certain fishing tour companies or adventure sport organizing companies, and they will supply the necessary accessories including fishing rods, hooks, fishing lines, nets, gloves, bait, and even refreshments. They will also have in handy life jackets, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, rowing paddle, life saver, depth finder and GPS.

Some places where fishing accessories are available are:

  • Al Adwani Fishing Equipment Est.

    P O Box: 20937, Safat, Kuwait City, 13070

  • Sadaco Al Salaam

    P O Box: 170, Souk Al Dakhil, Kuwait City, 92551

  • Khalid Malallah Ibrahim Malallah Est.

    P O Box: 24980, Safat, Kuwait City, 13110