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Major Attractions in Kuwait

Kuwait exudes the charm of Arabian adventure, and therefore, the travelers find plenty of things to do in Kuwait. Apart from enjoying magnificent accommodation and fine dining, there are plenty of things for visitors to do in Kuwait.

Places to Visit in Kuwait

  • Kuwait Towers

    Kuwait Towers

    Located on Arabian Gulf Road in Sharq district, the Kuwait Towers is one of the famous landmarks in Kuwait. Built in March 1979, it comprises two major towers and a minor tower.

  • The Liberation Tower

    liberation tower kuwait

    It is the symbol of Kuwaiti liberation, the representation of country's resurgence, second tallest tower in Kuwait, and the fifth tallest telecommunication tower in the world.

  • Al Kout Beach

    al kout beach

    Kuwait boasts a spectacular setting on the Persian Gulf, with some of the Middle East's most magnificent coastline stretching for about 499 kms. Kuwait beaches offer a great place to relax by scenic waters with a large number of Beach clubs, public beaches and beach parks.

  • Dhow Harbour

    Dhow Harbour

    Visitors to Dhow Harbour in Kuwait, get to see the old sailing ships and dhows that were used for coastal trading, fishing, and pearl diving in the past.

  • Doha Village in Kuwait

    Doha Village Kuwait

    Doha Village is a place to visit for those interested in gaining some information about the glorious trading history of Kuwait.

  • Failaka Island

    failaka heritage village

    Failaka Island is one among the most visited tourist destinations in Kuwait. Located along the northern part of Persian Gulf, and located 20kms away from Kuwait City.

  • Grand Mosque

    grand mosque

    Located in the heart of the city, the Kuwait's Grand Mosque, also referred to as Al-Masjid Al-Kabir, is a wonderful site with traditional Islamic architecture, and is the largest official mosque in Kuwait.

  • Green Island

    green island

    Green Island is well known as the ideal place for relaxation.

  • House of Mirrors

    house of mirrors

    Many people even those who reside in Kuwait are not completely aware of ‘The House of Mirrors’ or hall of mirrors. However this is really an incredible wealth of art so accessible to the public at large and it is worth the visit.

  • Kidzania Kuwait


    KidZania is a safe and sound interactive edutainment center where children can practice over 100 real-world career choices in a replica of a real city. The several lighthearted activities of KidZania are exclusively planned to assist intellectual and physical growth, as well as pitch in to the improvement of attitudes and skills.

  • Kubbar Island

    kubber island

    Among nature's best spectacles is the well-known Kubbar Island, relatively Small Sandy Island in the Persian Gulf located in close proximity to Fahaleel. Kubbar is located approximately 29 kilometres off the coast of Failaka and 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait.

  • Kuwait Zoo

    kuwait zoo

    Among nature's best spectacles is the well-known Kubbar Island, relatively Small Sandy Island in the Persian Gulf located in close proximity to Fahaleel. Kubbar is located approximately 29 kilometres off the coast of Failaka and 30 kilometers off the southern coast of Kuwait.

  • Swimming Pool Complex


    Located on the Arabian Gulf Road, and spanning an area of 9472 sq. mts., the Olympic swimming pool complex was unveiled in April 1988.

Museums and Historical Locations

  • National Museum

    National museum Kuwait

    The best place to learn about a new country is to visit its Museum. Located on the Arabian Gulf Street between the Seif Palace and National Assembly, the Kuwait National Museum is a true representation of the Kuwaiti heritage.

  • Failaka Heritage Village

    failaka heritage village

    Failaka Heritage Village, the only true heritage village in Kuwait, preserves the essence of Kuwait in the past.

  • Kuwait House of National Works museum

    house of national works museum

    Kuwait House of National Works Museum houses and encapsulates the grim reminders of the first Gulf war in 1990-91. Located in Shuwaikh, the museum also pays tribute to the sacrifice of Kuwaiti soldiers and citizens as well as soldiers from other countries that fought against Iraqi forces.

  • Tareq Rajab Museum

    tareq rajab museum

    The Tareq Rajab collection is the private collection of antiquities by Kuwait’s first Minister and his wife, which include Islamic Arts, Treasures of Ceramics, Gold and Silver jewelry, metal and glass works and more.

  • Sadu House

    sadu house

    The Sadu House in Kuwait is an artistic museum/House, located adjacent to Kuwait National Museum.

  • The Seif Palace

    seif palace

    The Seif Palace is popular among local and overseas visitors as the home of the royal family. Nevertheless, they might be surprised to find out that this palace does not get much used by the Monarch and the government. While it is true that this palace is designated to the Emir dynasty.

Amusement Parks and Entertainments

  • Al-Sha'ab Leisure Park

    Located along the southern coast of Kuwait City, the Al-Sha’ab Leisure Park is equipped with several amusements meant for all age groups.

  • The Scientific Center

    scientific center

    Located in Salmiya of Kuwait, The Scientific Center is the center for environmental education in the gulf region.

  • Kuwait Zoological Garden

    Located on the lush setting of Omariya, on the airport route in the city, is one of the most methodically and diligently planned park lands in the region, also known as Kuwait Zoological Gardens.

  • Entertainment City

    entertainment city

    The first and the largest amusement park established in Al-Doha area of northern Kuwait, the Entertainment City is considered the Disneyland of Kuwait.

  • Ice Skating Rink

    ice skating rink

    Established in March 1980, the Ice Skating Rink in Kuwait is a major landmark and makes a great sporting amenity.

  • Aqua Park

    aqua park

    Unveiled in 1995, Aqua Park is the first water park in the Gulf and among the biggest in the region.