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Domestic workers holding illegal driving licenses banned from residency renewal


The Assistant Undersecretary for Passports and Citizenship Affairs in the Interior Ministry, Maj.

Kuwait streamlines recruitment of Indian Nurses


The issue of Nursing Recruitment may be solved to an extent, as serious efforts are being made to streamline the issue at the earliest, confirmed HE Sunil Jain, the Indian Ambassador to Kuwait.

Kuwait public sectors move to lay-off expat employees, boost nationalisation


Several ministries and government bodies in Kuwait have begun taking measures towards reducing the number of expat employees in order to provide more job opportunities for nationals and slash expenses in the state’s budget.

Kuwait government authorizes new agency for job seekers from Kerala


As a welcome relief for job aspirants from Kerala, Kuwait government authorized a new agency having operations in the state, to hold medical screening of job seekers.

Law amendment mandates salary transfers through banks for expat workers


The Council of Ministers in Kuwait amended Article 57 of the Private sector Labour Law No 6/2010, which states that some activities are exempted from transfer of salaries of expat workers to local bank.

Kuwait to re-start work permit issuance from mid-April


Kuwait will begin issuing work permits by mid-April this year, following a new decision pertaining to financial guarantee of KD250.

Indian jobseekers lament over six-fold hike in medical test fee


Indians, seeking a job in Kuwait may henceforth have to shell out nearly Rs 24,000 as pre-employment medical tests, said a notification from the Consulate General of Kuwait in Mumbai.

Employment outside sponsorship to attract heavy fine


A draft bill on amending Article 183 of Private Sector Labour Law No 6/2010 has been issued, wherein anyone caught employing a person, who is not sponsored under his sponsorship, will have to shell out a fine amount of KD5000 henceforth.

Labour Ministry likely to increase work permit issuance fee for expats


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour has issued a decision to increase all fees pertaining to issuance of work permits, visa renewal and visa transfer for expatriates.

Labour Ministry proposes quota system for expats


The Minister of Social Affairs and Labour and State Minister for Planning and Development Affairs, Hind Al-Sabeeh, said that the Ministry has begun implementing the plan adopted for modifying the population structure in Kuwait, and that this is being done based on study conducted in collaboration with concerned authorities.

Work permit issuance for all jobs to be granted from early 2015


The Director General of Public Authority for Manpower, Jamal al-Dousari has announced that the issuance of work permits for all types of companies and jobs will be allowed from early next year.

Kuwait employers confirm hiring in the next quarter


According to the latest MENA Job Index Survey, and YouGov, a research and consulting organization, 35 percent of companies in Kuwait are surely hiring over the next three months, with 69 percent of these looking to hire upto 10 people, mostly junior executive positions.

Kuwait keen on stabilizing expat labour conditions


The Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Jamal Al-Dousari said that Kuwait is eager to stabilize the condition of expat labourers, indicating that new labour law in the private sector favours the employees and protects their rights and that of employeers too.

91000 expat employees work in Kuwait Public Sector, reveal CSC statistics


Nearly 91,000 expats are currently working in the public sector in Kuwait, reveals latest statistics (as of end of last week) by the Civil Service Commission.

Labour Ministry finalizes new regulations for Kuwait labour market


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour recently finalized the new instructions for regulating the labour market in the country.

Labour Ministry may re-open recruitment of foreign labour soon


The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MSAL) announced early this week that it would soon reopen doors to recruit foreign labour for every activity without exceptions, and that the ministry is now working on the executive regulations to be followed.

GCC nationals prefer to work in Kuwait public, private sectors


Kuwait is the top destination for GCC nationals who wish to work in government and private sectors, said a report by GCC Secretariat yesterday.

Nepal, Madagascar indefinitely bans export of maids to Kuwait


The governments of Nepal and Madagascar have imposed an indefinite ban on sending housemaids to Kuwait.

Education Ministry terminates jobs of teachers with more than 25 yrs of service


The Ministry of Education in Kuwait recently terminated the contracts of all expatriate Head of Departments (HoD) with more than 25 years of service, working in Ahmadi educational area schools.

New development projects in Kuwait create youth job opportunities


The Ministry of State for Housing Affairs and Minister of Communications, Salem Al-Otheina announced that the two ministries are likely to implement various development projects in partnership with private sector institutions which will be a major source of job creation for Kuwaiti youth.

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