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Work permit issuance for all jobs to be granted from early 2015

The Director General of Public Authority for Manpower, Jamal al-Dousari has announced that the issuance of work permits for all types of companies and jobs will be allowed from early next year. But, the authority has suspended issuing work permits for companies having temporary quality brand certificates.

Al-Dousari said that the earlier conditions would still be applicable including suspension of transfer of visit visas to commercial visas, transfer of government project visas to private sector work visas, unless it is to transfer into another contract under the same sponsor and transfers within industrial, fishing and farming sectors.

He further said that the authority will continue to issue work permits for companies that have permanent quality brand certificates, transfer government contracts to other contracts within same sp0nsor, and transfer domestic labour visa to private sector work permits for three months until November, which is the deadline for the employers.

Al-Dousari also said that the owners of camels and sheep should have three vaccines as a condition for issuing work permits, which indicates that the procedures are, in addition to the decisions already issued by the authority in this regard.

The Public Authority for Civil Information will remain closed for three days from 11th September to 14th September due to general maintenance of all systems, so as to offer better service for nationals and expats.

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