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Kuwait keen on stabilizing expat labour conditions

The Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Affairs at Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Jamal Al-Dousari said that Kuwait is eager to stabilize the condition of expat labourers, indicating that new labour law in the private sector favours the employees and protects their rights and that of employeers too.

He further said that Interior Ministry is in-charge of domestic personnel affairs, while the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour co-ordinates with the Ministry to handle the file. Al-dousari said that the Ministry has offered temporary shelter to afflicted domestic personnel depending on the specifications allotted in this regard.

As for cancellation of sponsorship system, he said that the recent decision to establish a Pubic Authority for Manpower, is good, which will handle matters relating to the personnel in private and oil sectors.

Meanwhile, the Assistant Director for Development and Information at Kuwait Municipality, Eng. Ahmad Al-Manfouhi, when inaugurating the training program organized for employees to run the automated system of renewing health licenses, he said that the training program will help employees in dealing with any issues they may face when managing their duties.

He further said that the automated system for renewing licenses will enable the Surveillance sector affiliated to the Municipality to ensure that all its branches in all governorates are using the new system.

The training program will actually guide the employees about how they could work with the system and familiarize them to renew licenses and other related tasks.

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