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91000 expat employees work in Kuwait Public Sector, reveal CSC statistics

Nearly 91,000 expats are currently working in the public sector in Kuwait, reveals latest statistics (as of end of last week) by the Civil Service Commission.

The statistics estimates an average of 331,000 public sector employees on the whole, including more than 39,000 Egyptian labour force and 15,000 workers from India.

The numbers have shown that more than 41,000 expats employed by state departments have university degrees, 1454 have PhDs and 2,529 have high school diplomas. The numbers however, are not inclusive of expats in the public sector hired through private firms, whose number exceeds 30,000.

Meanwhile, a local daily said that expatriates hired under the ‘use of services’ clause are entitled to benefits that make their monthly pay exceed that of Kuwaitis with same qualifications.

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