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Labour Ministry may re-open recruitment of foreign labour soon

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour (MSAL) announced early this week that it would soon reopen doors to recruit foreign labour for every activity without exceptions, and that the ministry is now working on the executive regulations to be followed.

The announcement for time and mechanism of re-opening issuance of work permits awaits a report from the committee, which was formed to study the best ways to transfer commercial visit visas to work permits in private sector, said Jamal Al-Dousary, Assistant Undersecretary for Labour Sector.

Meanwhile, Dousary has urged companies who are under contracts with government to take advantage of the exception which they have and apply for work permits, rather than recruit labourers on visit visas.

Although Kuwait plans to reopen door for companies to recruit labour forces freely, Kuwait is also seriously considering to limit the duration of visit visas and make it non-renewable, until better regulations are in place to tackle visa trafficking.

It has also been announced that the Interior Ministry is likely to announce a decision within hours, which bans immigration departments around Kuwait from renewing commercial visit visas. The visa has one month validity and can be renewed for additional month, but it is likely that the new decision may make the one-month visa non-renewable, and permits a 15-day extension for those who entered Kuwait recently. This decision is likely to get effective by 1st March 2014, it is said.

The MSAL announced two weeks ago that transfer of visit visas to work permits in the private sector has been suspended for a month to introduce better regulations and organize the operations, as there have been complaints of visa trafficking and illegal issuance of visas.

The Ministry had suspended issuance of visas a couple of times in the past, to curb the state’s increasing demographic imbalance, with exception granted to companies that have contracts signed with government to carry out developmental projects.

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