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Efforts on to create fresh job opportunities for nationals in private sector

The Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) is working to implement distinguished efforts towards increasing employment of Kuwaiti nationals, and this includes increasing Kuwaiti labour percentage in the private sector.

The MGRP Secretary General, Fawzi Al Majdali when speaking to media, mentioned that the proposal to amend percentage of nationals in private sector is all complete and is being coordinated with concerned authorities to make 17,000 job opportunities available.

The amendment also stipulates that 65 to 68 percent of employees have to be Kuwaitis in telecommunication and banking sectors. The decision stipulates 30 percent of nationals in higher education, 8 percent for occupational services, science and technical activities and 10 percent for support and administrative services.

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Efforts on to create fresh job opportunities for nationals in private sector

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