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Kuwait set to replace 3000 expats with nationals in government sector

The Civil Service Commission has announced plans to form a Committee for follow up and implementation of Civil Service Council Resolution No.11 of 2017 regarding procedures to be followed for allocating Kuwaitis for government jobs in replacement of expats.

The plan was to lay off 3000 expats working for government sector in the current financial year, as it gets difficult to lay off all expats working for government sector at once.

It is common knowledge that jobs in Kuwait are often linked to either public or private sectors. In the private sector, the owner of the capital and the company has the right to appoint whomsoever he wishes be it national or expat, but, the issue of appointing expatriates in the government sector is a formidable burden on the government.

The number of Kuwaiti graduates and their entry into labour market in government sector continue to increase. Some of the jobs done by expats are administrative ones, and does not require any technical training, and hence, can be easily filled by nationals.

MP Khalil Al-Saleh proposed a law on national employment in non-governmental organizations, which aim to compel the private sector to implement the state’s declared policy of replacing national labour with expat workforce.

Currently, Kuwait has large number of projects in the energy sector It is an opportunity for nationals to work with expats who have experience in the field. The government’s decision says that CSC will prepare a study for the next fiscal year 2019-20, which include the definition of functional groups covered by the recruitment of posts that target percentage of Kuwaiti employees in total workforce in the government agency.

Replacement of expats with nationals in the government sector is not an easy task and may require a 10-year plan. Some jobs like engineers, teachers, and cleaners are important for government sector. However, HR and administrative jobs can be easily replaced.

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