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Kuwait all set to sign domestic labour pact with India and three other nations

Kuwait plans to sign deals with four Asian countries to recruit domestic labour with proper regulations, revealed the Socail Affairs and State for Economic Affairs Minister, Hend Al Sabeeh.

The initiative comes amidst the current dispute over laws for employing domestic helpers from Philippines.

Al Sabeeh revealed that the deals are planned to be signed with Philippines, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka.

It is expected to recruit domestic helps from these nations, and relevant deals would be signed with concerned authorities of all the four countries following the Muslim Eid Al Adha festival holidays later this month.

This is done to ensure smooth recruitment of labour, Al Sabeeh said.

He further revealed that a new online system is being developed as per application allowing the employer to choose the house maid based on preferred nationality and age requirements. This will help eliminate corruption and guarantee rights of all sides, she said.

Work is also underway to handle illegal recruitment offices that do not meet regulations. Last month, there an issue on domestic labour between Kuwait and Philippines after Manila demanded the Kuwaiti recruitment offices to deposit insurance fee of 10,000 dollars to pay Filipinos in case of terminating their contracts or withholding salaries.

Earlier in the year, the Philippines had also banned its nationals from working in Kuwait, due to certain domestic abuse or violence against maids. The ban was lifted later.

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