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Government may consider allocating 90,500 jobs for expats in Ministries

A document, which was recently obtained by a daily, revealed that the government in Kuwait has allocated funds for providing 90,500 jobs for expatriates in the Ministries and government institutions by increasing about 5000 new jobs for expatriates in those entities, financial year-ended March 2019. This is in contrast to the trend and government announced plans announced earlier to recruit more Kuwaitis.

The document indicated that the new jobs are in addition to the number of existing jobs and do not include replacement of those who were terminated.

The estimated cost of new jobs for expats is about KD40million, with average monthly salary of an expatriate in government institution being 681 dinars. This happens to coincide with the government agencies having cancelled their hiring of 6500 people when Kuwaitis were to be employed as part of the government plan aimed at increasing the nationals in public sector.

The number of vacancies for nationals in public sector was 5300 jobs in March 2017. The Ministry of Education is dominated by the expatriates, with more than 35 percent of expats working in the Ministry of Health with about 35,400 employees.

The Ministry of Awqaf follows the Ministry of Education and Health in terms of number of expatriates working with 3,316 followed by Ministry of Foreign Affairs having 2546 expatriates, followed by 1800 expats in Ministry of Electricity and Water.

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