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Kuwait witnesses a black market scenario for hiring domestic helps

Amidst the ongoing issue of domestic workers in Kuwait, particularly, with the recent escalation of crisis which led to a ban on recruitment of workers from Philippines, the country is now seeing a black market of domestic workers, plotted by some people who are keen on exploiting the issue for personal gain and profits, say recent reports.

In what seems like a typical scenario of black markets, domestic workers recruitment offices have folded arms over the crisis, without extending any solution.

Representatives of the foreign offices from where the domestic workers were being recruited are grabbing the opportunity to offer attractive prices.

The representatives are now seen waiting at the lobbies of domestic worker recruitment offices to fix clients even before they enter office, by extending reasonable prices. Majority of the clients find the deal irresistible.

It has been noted that representatives even collect the contact of clients to home deliver workers. A representative was seen providing a worker for KD672 , with KD80 as salary for a first timer in Kuwait, with charges for an experienced maid being KD100.

A Manager at Jamal Exports Office, also confirmed that this office in India is ready to provide Indian domestic workers without experience for KD672, with monthly salary in the range KD80 to KD100. He said that the sponsor will issue the visa, as the office takes care of remaining aspects, and the worker would arrive within a month to Kuwait.

The government offices claim that the reasons for the crisis is due to stringent conditions set against workers from the beginning, which led to their absconding from the country. According to several citizens, their concern is not about the causes or solutions, but, about availability of workers at the earliest possible time at affordable prices. With Ramadan fast approaching, if there is no solution any time soon, matters are likely to get complicated, as the offices cannot provide workers from other nationalities other than India.

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Kuwait witnesses a black market scenario for hiring domestic helps