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Kuwait public sectors move to lay-off expat employees, boost nationalisation

Several ministries and government bodies in Kuwait have begun taking measures towards reducing the number of expat employees in order to provide more job opportunities for nationals and slash expenses in the state’s budget.

The measures are meant to handle demographic imbalances that have resulted in limiting national manpower in the local market to less than 25 percent. In this regard the education ministry has listed out 450 expat teachers which the ministry no longer requires, and plan to terminate their contracts by next academic year.

Meanwhile, the Public Authority for Applied Education and Training (PAAET) has decided not to accept expat students in its various colleges from next academic year, as the capacity of these colleges is just enough for Kuwaitis.
The Director of Municipality, Ahmed Al-Manfouhi has also decided to lay off 400 expat employees as a cost-cutting measure. The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour has banned recruitment of any expat without approval from Hind Al-Subaih, the Minister. The ministry also plans to lay off several expat employees who are working on ‘pay-for-work’ basis.

The Ministry of Communication has least number of expat employees already, and is assessing the performance of some of them to be laid off and be substituted by Kuwaitis.

Kuwait Petroleum Corp has also issued notices to its subsidiary companies to remove expat secretaries working in the oil sector and those required to be made to work through contractors.  The company informed all its CEOs to notify expat secretaries to make them choose between working on contracts or termination.

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