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Kuwait most preferred destination for GCC students

Kuwait is the most favourite destination for GCC students seeking education in other Gulf countries, says the latest report by GCC General Secretariat.
According to 2013 data, Kuwait is followed by UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar in the list. Qatar holds the distinction of having the lowest number of nationals pursuing education in other GCC states, in comparison to other member states.

Kuwait has the highest number of students from other GCC countries (15,897), followed by UAE (12,780), Saudi Arabia (9,265), Qatar (2986), Bahrain (871) and Oman (663). 

Out of total 42,462 GCC students, 20,704 are females. Although Kuwait has highest number of students, the figures vary in different levels like primary, middle school, secondary and higher education. Saudi Arabia tops the list in case of secondary schools, while Bahrain came first in university education.
Primary schools in the GCC have total of 17,756 students from other Gulf States. Out of them, 6,881 study in Kuwait, followed by 5,540 studying in UAE, 3,246 in Saudi Arabia, 1529 in Qatar, 466 in Bahrain and 384 in Oman.
As for middle level schools, there are total of 12,755 GCC students, with 5,756 in Kuwait, 4223 in UAE, 1740 in Saudi Arabia, 691 in Qatar, 191 in Bahrain and 154 in Oman.

As for secondary schools, Saudi Arabia has highest number of students from other GCC nations, followed by Kuwait, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman.
In higher education, Bahrain tops the list with 2,544 students, followed by Kuwait with 1773 students, Saudi Arabia with 1459, Qatar with 658, UAE with 426 and Oman 25.

The number of Qatari students pursuing education in other GCC states is lowest, in comparison to other member states, accounting for only two percent of the total. Saudi Arabia has the largest share of 44 percent, followed by Oman at 28 percent, Kuwait at 17 percent and Bahrain, UAE and Qatar at 5, 3 and 2 percent respectively.

As part of policy decision in 1985, all GCC states treat students from other member states equal to their students and certificates issued by colleges, schools and universities run by the government also enjoy equal status.

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