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Private sector employees to be included in Indemnity Law

The Parliament has agreed to permit the private sector to participate in implementation of housing projects, particularly in construction of housing units on idle state-owned land.

The State Minister for Housing Affairs, Yasser Abul said that no more excuses in implementation of housing projects are permissible, and that he is now obliged to enforce the approved proposals.

The lawmaker noted that strengthened co-ordination between executive and legislative authorities has addressed several issues.

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of Human Resources Development Committee at the Parliament MP Yaqoob Al-Sanei disclosed the panel and the government have reached a deal on inclusion of private sector employees in the Indemnity Law by granting them a financial reward on end-of-service.

Al-Sanei said inclusion of private sector employees does not imply cancellation of their end-of-service benefit as per the Civil Work Law. The government also proposed reduction of minimum indemnity for those whose salaries are less than KD1000 on retirement, as it is not required to grant KD18,000 end-of-service package to these workers.

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