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Kuwait is third good country in the GCC

Kuwait has been ranked 93rd globally, 7th in Arab world and 3rd in the GCC countries in the Good Country Index prepared by Simon Anholt, UKs Policy Advisor, as per the latest survey on the level of contribution made by about 125 nations to the planet and humanity.

The survey was based on seven main indicators which took into consideration wide-ranging data provided by United Nations (UN), World Bank and other international organizations and NGOs which covered information such as press freedom, number of refugees hosted and amount of weapons exported, and number of Nobel Prize winners.

Countries are ranked based on their contribution to science and technology, international peace and security, culture, the planet and climate, equality and prosperity, health and well-being of humanity. The Good Country Index measures what each country on earth contributes to common humanity and what it takes away.

According to Simon, the index will help transform the manner in which countries do business by encouraging them to think on the global impact of their actions. It is hoped to spark debate on the purpose of each country on the globe.

As for good countries, Ireland was ranked first, followed by Switzerland, Finland, New Zealand, Holland and Sweden, and the seventh place went to Britain, followed by Denmark, Norway and then Belgium, which came to tenth position. Iraq, Libya and Vietnam were the countries that contributed the least to global welfare.

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