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Kuwait Municipality reveals plans for a transitioning phase

The Municipality in Kuwait revealed that it is transitioning to a stage of strategic and digital planning, depending on technical studies and research through the development of three major projects.

The Municipality Deputy Director General for zoning and planning, Waleed Al-Jassem said that the most important project among the three is reviewing and upgrading the structural plan in the state to set a general framework for future development on three levels beginning at the state level as a whole, the urban area and then the city level.

Jassem revealed that a structural plan is generally prepared within 30 years, reviewed once in five years to adjust its path to make it on par with changes, which adds up to the total cost of the project, which is already about KD2million.

The second project is developing a geographical information system (GIS) of the state. He explained further, that this is one of the most vital achievements of the structural plan. The integrated GIS will be formed in a manner that the state is divided into zones of 10km x 10km for areas beyond the urban area borders.

The information is then divided at various levels like the state level, and governorates. The urban area is estimated to cost about KD600,000 for this project.

The GIS is reviewed for land use and planning purposes. The data from all state ministries were collected to form an electronic database.

The state is divided into zones of 10km x 10km within the urban area. Jassem also said that the third development project is a guide for planning and building system in Kuwait. He said all civilized countries in the world have a clear guide for planning and building, and it is referred to for all laws and allows and construction rules, which adds all land uses that can be reviewed through the project. The whole project is worth about KD1.27mn.

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