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Labour Public Authority authorized to recruit expat labour force

The Cabinet has permitted the Labour Public Authority to be the exclusive body to recruit expatriate labour forces, and cancelled the flawed sponsorship system, when it officially opens this year.

The decision was announced by Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, Hind Al-Subaih, who gave concepts of the state-run authority’s work believed to address all loopholes found in the current recruitment system, utilized by visa traffickers.

The details about the new vision decided during the latest Cabinet meet still remain unclear. However, Subaih has promised to end all problems faced by expat workers.

The authority will receive requests from private and oil sectors to hire labour forces, and will solely handle all required procedures in recruitment process.

The concepts also address issues faced by employers who struggle to hire labour forces due to Ministerial restrictions, which determines the number of employees to be hired for each profession.

With the new procedures, the labour assessment process will be done as per the requirement of labour market, the sources said.

The authority was approved by the parliament last year to reduce the abuse of sponsorship system, which requires employers to take up the responsibility for foreign workers. According to the MPs, the system had too many loopholes, and led to visa trafficking and allegations of widespread visa fraud.

The International human rights groups also criticized the sponsorship programmes in Gulf States such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, which forbids employees from leaving the country or changing companies without the permission of their employer.

On 1st January, Kuwait temporarily suspended the issuance and transfer of work visas until 1st April. The Minister for Social Affairs and Labour, Hind Al Subaih said the new system would end all issues faced by expat workers.

With about 2million expats in Kuwait, expatriates account for two-thirds of total population.

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