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Tourists enjoy the Hala February Festival

The on-going nation-wide Hala February Festival in Kuwait has two main purposes to promote tourism in the country and to lift-up the local economy, said the organizers of the festival.

The festival began with a huge street carnival in Salmiya, enjoyed by families, and the organizers have already assured 30 to 50 percent reduction on airline tickets to Kuwait from neighbouring countries, and for hotel stays.

Other events in pipeline during the month of February include raffles, valuable prizes at major malls and shopping centres, a generous draw on 21 cars, which would generate lot of excitement, and a marathon organized on 15th February to promote health-related issues and a mega show of vintage cars.

The festival will boast of crowd-pleasing musical events during which, top entertainers in the Arab world will be show-cased. There will also be poetry recitals and folklore-inspired stage presentations.

The Hala February Festival is considered to be a good omen by Kuwaitis to begin a new year, as during the month of February, major national celebrations are held, including the national day of independence and liberation day.

The festival not only attracts local crowds, but also visitors from GCC states, who come to Kuwait particularly during this time to enjoy the shopping and dining festivities. Apart from bargains at shops and malls, they get to participate in the socio-cultural, athletic and entertainment events that are prepared in advance by festival organizers.

The first Hala February was launched in 1999 and is happening every year at the same time, with full support of private sector and some public sector agencies.

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