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Kuwait plans to establish annual nationality quota for expat population

Kuwaitis constitute only 31 percent of total population in Kuwait, while the rest 69 percent are expatriates, said the Chairperson of Structural Plan Committee at the Municipality Council, Mansoor Al-Khureinij.

Al-Khureinij revealed that the expat population touched 3.8million between 2008 and 2012.

Meanwhile, aimed at countering criticisms levelled against Kuwait over human rights and expat labour issues, the Assistant Undersecretary for Passports and Citizenship Affairs at the Interior Ministry, Maj Gen Sheikh Fajasal Al-Nawaf recently sent a report to the Deputy PM and Interior Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Al-Khaled on expatriate labour in Kuwait.

The report included plans to resolve the problem for a decade involving about 100,000 expats. The report and immigration department database says that the total number of expats in violation of residency visa laws, almost touched 115,000 and that Kuwait has nearly 35,000 marginal and loose labourers who have been the victims of visa traffickers.

The report warned that spread of marginal labour posed threat to national security, and that this is the main reason behind spread of various forms of crimes such as murders, bootlegging, sexual abuse, robberies etc. The report called for fighting visa traffickers and establishing liaison offices with embassies of the countries that have illegal residents to co-ordinate in transferring them to special shelters instead of leaving them in embassy premises.

The sources also highlighted the plan includes suggestions to reduce the total number of communities by establishing annual quota per nationality to keep a check on uncontrolled increases. They further clarified that Kuwait aims to rationalize the presence of expats and impose a law in a manner that would be in best interest of Kuwait, and aims to internationally improve Kuwait’s image in terms of human rights.

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