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Red Mosque - an architectural haven of peace amidst the city buzz

The majestic and resplendent red structure, namely the Red Mosque, is located on the First Ring Road, as one cruise, in the Sheraton roundabout, in Kuwait City. Although located in one of the busiest streets in Kuwait City, the red structure captivates any passerby, and is commonly known as the Red Mosque or also referred to as Bader Al-Mailam Mosque.

The unique architecture of the Mosque has grown to be a scenic spot in the heart of the city, and is a serene place of worship providing much-needed respite amidst the hustle and bustle of city life, with business towers and hotels as backdrop.

The Mosque took three years for completion of construction, with exquisite gothic designs drawing its influence from classic and traditional styles. It offers ample parking space, spacious wash rooms and open foyer to accommodate several worshippers who come to offer prayers on Fridays and weekdays.

Minarets stand tall outside the Mosque and verses from the Holy Quran are engraved on ceramic portraits. The walls are adorned with prayer passages from the Holy Book of Quran. The Mihrab bears gold hue with single furniture for the Imam. A pulpit is placed on the left side of the Imam of the Mosque wall. On the top, there is a classic dome, with ceiling lighted up with Persian-designed chandeliers. The side areas of the main prayer hall are equipped with chairs for those who prefer to sit and read the Holy Book.

To maintain the sanctity of the place, one should enter barefoot and are required to wash their feet and hance, face and head, known as “Ablution”, prior to joining prayers.

Dr. Rifai Saadi, is the Imam of the “Red Mosque”, and he revealed that the Mosque usually receives about 1500 worshippers on Friday prayers, but on weekdays about 150 to 200 people join the daily prayers.

"Red Mosque" is an architectural treasure and haven of peace for those who want to commune in prayer with rest of the believers.

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