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Sponsorship system finally makes way to exit in Kuwait

Changing the sponsorship system or kafeel system for expats will get effective within a few months in Kuwait, the Undersecretary of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, Jamal al-Dosari confirmed.

This was announced, following the establishment of Public Authority for Manpower (PAM), and Al-Dosari added that the logistics of this project are yet to be clear at the moment, but it will surely replace the current sponsorship system.

He further said that the word ‘kafeel’, no-longer exist in the Kuwaiti labour law. Now, there is only employer and employee, and ‘kafeel’ is an unofficial term. Over the past few years, there have been several measures to replace the kafeel system, but finally PAM was founded to replace it.

The public institution will include Board of Directors, who would meet shortly and set procedures to organize employer-employee relations. The authority will also be responsible for employees holding Visa 18.

Maids, domestic drivers and other employees in similar positions working in Kuwait according to Visa 20, which does not follow the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour, will not be included in the labour law, Al-Dosari said.

According to him, they follow Ministry of Interior, and hence PAM will not be responsible for them directly. The recruitment offices currently responsible for hiring maids from abroad will no longer deal with this. Instead, PAM will work with a private company to hire maids from abroad. This will solve most of the problems that plague both the companies and the sponsors, Al-Dosari said.

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