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Kuwait Ministry to expel long-serving expatriate employees

Expatriates who have worked for Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in Kuwait for thirty years or more will have their contracts terminated by 30th June.

According to Abdul Mohsin Al Mutairi, the Ministry Undersecretary, the Minister Dhikra Al Rashidi has instructed to terminate the services of all expatriates who have been with the ministry for more than 30 years.

Such a decision forms part of a scheme announced by the government to infuse younger employees in the government sector.

Kuwaiti nationals who hold top positions in the public sector, and who have worked for 30 years or more have been encouraged to retire, and special incentives have been promised to those who leave by 30th June.

The government figures indicate that 138 leading Kuwaitis, including 11 women could benefit from the offer. They work for 32 government entities, mainly the Emiri Court and the Cabinet, Education, aviation and works.

The number of employees with more than 30 years of service in the public sector was 6275 which includes 1811 women. The education ministry leads with 1928 employees who have worked for at least 30 years.

Kuwait has 330 people holding advanced positions to the level of Undersecretary or Secretary in the public sector. Easing out top officials in the public sector will result in huge gaps that would be difficult to replace.

Kuwait, which has a large expatriate community, has launched a major drive to reform labour market and end dependency on expatriate employees and labourers.

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