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Majority of expats prefer to send money to home countries

During an online poll pertaining to increase in the minimum salary slab, majority of voters (49%) have expressed opinion that they would use the extra amount to repatriate money home.

Expatriates love their home countries, and are working here only for money. Further, all expatriates have several liabilities by way of debts and dependents from close and extended families, who are financially dependent on them.

Therefore, the main aim of majority of expatriates is to send as much money as possible to their families. According to respondents to the poll, several expats support not just their wife and children, but also their nieces and nephews and distant relatives.

About 30% of voters were of the opinion that higher salary slabs would improve investments. Dealing with shares has become an attractive investment opportunity for many. Those dealing in shares are finding it interesting and at times addictive.

Few others said they would save up the additional money to invest in properties. Real estate is a booming sector across the globe, and people are always looking to purchase flats or plots of land for investment purposes. One of the respondent mentioned that his investments have seen a 10-fold growth in less than five years.

Nearly 17% of the voters mentioned that they would consider moving to better apartments, if they had higher salaries.

Few others felt that with increase in salaries there would also be inflation, which in turn, would drive up rents. About 3% mentioned that they would spend extra income on cars, while 1% said they would go for food and clothes.

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