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Establishment of Authority is must for expat workforce

The Chairman of Expatriate Personnel Office at Kuwait Trade Union Federation (KTUF), Abdulrahman Al-Ghanim has demanded the Minister of Social Affairs and Labour, Zikra Al-Rasheedi, to focus on the illegal sponsorship system.

In a press statement, he emphasized that the Minister should open the file of visa trading and refer it to Public Prosecution, insisting the step of applying law impartially, as it is the right way of handling violations that are happening in various sectors of the country.

He further pointed out that the sponsorship system is not a law, and the system requires certain modifications to ensure that the concerned governmental authority is the sponsor of expat personnel, and not the nationals, as few nationals have involved in visa trading for money.

Although, cancellation of sponsorship system is the appropriate solution to this problem, he stressed that the issue does not require new clauses under law 6/2010, which has allotted legislative bases for this purpose.

He explained that the ninth article of the law mandates the establishment of a Public Authority for workforce, responsible for bringing in expat personnel into Kuwait, based on requirements of the local labour market, and added that a one year grace period has been specified in the article, for establishing such an authority.

He also complained that three years have passed after approval of labour law of the private sector, but no development has happened in this regard during this period.

He affirmed that KTUF is following up on the situation, and has received several reports of violations committed against the rights of expat personnel on a daily basis.

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