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Prime transport infrastructure project in Kuwait makes further progress

One of the prime transport-infrastructure projects in Kuwait, Jamal Nasser Road Development, will see further progress of its structural works, following the brief re-doing of its design and drawings, the supervising authority of the project revealed.

One of the main reason for do over of drawings is employment of an alternative erection system known as Segmental Span-by-Span method, with which, nearly 20km length of elevated motorways will be constructed in a more economical and speedy manner.

At present, the works materializing in the construction of elevated highway elements such as the bridge segments, foundations and piers are under progress, concurrently on construction sites, apart from offsite in the project's segment Pre-Cast yard in Al-Doha area.

The Director of Highways Department, Ministry of Public Works, Eng. Abdul Azia Al-Sabah, mentioned that the project is advancing following complete makeover of design material, drawings, shop drawings, co-ordinations and approvals due to inclusion of new construction methodology for bridges and elevated roads.

Elaborating on the erection technique known as 'Segmental Span by Span', Abdul Aziz said it denotes completing one deck span of segments after the other, and is preferable to the formerly suggested 'Balance Catilever' method, both in terms of economic value and pace of erection. Other advantages of the Span-by-Span are easy geometry control, less work space required and minimal delays.

The Jamal Abdul Nasser Road Development Project in Kuwait is being undertaken by the Ministry of Public Works, as part of its commitments to improve the motorway and road network in Kuwait, and aims to transform and upgrade the existing highway into a multi-leveled motor-express way built on international standards to stand for next 100 years.

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