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Ramadan begins on 20th July in Kuwait

According to astronomer in Kuwait, Ramadan will begin on 20th July.

The calculations predict that the first day of the month falls on Friday, the 20th July. Muslims will fast for 15 hours and 18 minutes on the first day, and the fasting period will gradually decrease until it reaches 14 hours and 33 minutes on the 30th and last day.

Majority of the Muslim nations, decide the start of the lunar month on sighting of the crescent, and not based on astronomical calculations. These countries follow a lunar calendar and adopt the policy that fasting should begin when the moon is sighted, and should end when the next is sighted.

During this month, Muslims abstain from drink, food, and sensual pleasures from sunrise to sunset and focus on their relationship with God. The month is devoted to donate to charity, and increase benevolent work.

Religious groups even report that several people embrace Islam as their religion during the month. Although Kuwait is mainly a Muslim country, thousands of non-Muslims, particularly foreigners from Asian countries live in Kuwait.

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