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Kuwait Metro Project enters second phase

The metro project in Kuwait has already entered into its first phase, and the second phase will begin shortly, while the whole project is likely to be ready by 2020. The project is meant to ease traffic jams on Kuwait roads, which gets severe during peak hours.

Each part of the project is divided into three phases, the first being the announcement phase, wherein, interested companies express their interest in investing in the project. Currently the Partnerships Technical Bureau (PTB) is studying the letters from interested firms.

The second phase further looks into companies who responded during the first phase. The second phase will begin this month, and only seriously committed companies enter into this phase, explained Eng. Fatima Al-Kandari, Project Leader at PTB.

The third phase includes submission offers, which may also happen this year. The metro project comprises six parts – one for the contact systems, one for the operator, and four parts for the infrastructure. Several companies have expressed their interest in investing in it.

The PTB aims to get the metro ready by 2020. The cost of the project, and ticket prices are yet to be known. Al-Kandari said that the metro will be divided into sections and classes, and there will be women’s only sections, apart from first class carriage to offer variety for passengers.

A feasibility study will be completed by investors, as it is an important factor in analyzing the environmental issues. Speaking about the metro project, the Chairman of Green Line Environment Group, Khalid Al-Hajiri, said that one of the main reasons behind introduction of the metro project is to ease transportation by relieving traffic jams, and partially replacing car transportation. This, in turn, will decrease the pollution coming from car emissions, as the number of vehicles using the road will decrease.

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