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e-gate website offers e-governmental services round-the-clock

The official e-gate website in Kuwait can serve as a one stop solution for nationals, residents, business people, and government bodies alike, seeking more than 453 e-governmental services round the clock.

The Central Agency for Information Technology in the state monitors the e-gate, which offers accessibility to all information, services and laws in the State of Kuwait. It offers services under three categories – services directed at nationals and residents, services directed at businessmen, and other visitors of the page.

E-gate offers accessibility to e-services of 39 governmental bodies, with each of these, divided into sectors and sub-categories. The first is information services” which saves the time and effort of visitors by offering all necessary information such as name of the service, its description and paperwork, if required, fees, procedures and e-application forms.

The second category includes personal data, wherein visitors can check for their personal details on all governmental bodies and directly they find the required information. It also allows visitors to enquire the date of renewal for civil Ids, enquire about traffic violation tickets and court cases.

The third category is classified as “ministries”, wherein visitors can easily reach out to any Ministry to get familiarized with its services and all-related government bodies.

Another main service that e-gate offers is the “e-pay” that helps in easy and fast payment of government fees and bills, without having to go through the routine procedures or waiting in a queue. The number of e-pay transactions collected during the month of October touched 13,387 in number.

The most visited section in the e-gate website is the Interior Ministry’s website, wherein visitors seek information about traffic violations, penalty payments, and travel ban inquiries.

The e-gate is also a good way of getting to know about Kuwait’s tourist attraction, culture, health services and medical centres in the country, weather conditions, aviation information and currency exchange rates.

To visit the e-gate website, log on to http://www.kt.com.kw/

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