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Separate hospitals planned for expatriates

 Both expatriates and nationals in Kuwait have condemned the plan to build separate hospitals for expatriates.

The Ministry of Health (MoH) in Kuwait had initiated a plan to build new hospitals for expatriates so as to accommodate new patients. Once such a plan is implemented, the public medical facilities will be reserved exclusively for nationals.

A national in Kuwait who also questioned about the move, pointed out that the hospitals are likely to come up in Ahmadi, Jahra, and Farwaniya governorates. But, if this initiative has to work well, it should be located closer to where there is maximum expatriate population such as in Farwaniya and Hawally.

Another national suggested that rather than building separate hospitals for expatriates, they can build hospitals for elderly or separate hospital for special needs individuals, as it can lessen the crowd at public hospitals.

Even the Kuwait Doctors Association condemned the move, and mentioned that it would damage the reputation of Kuwait in the medical field, if it is built without medical, financial or humanitarian justification. The medical association also clarified that the deteriorating medical conditions in Kuwait does not justify the formulation of regulations that promote racism or discrimination in accessing public services.

However, the MoH Undersecretary, Ibrahim Al-Abdulhadi, mentioned that this plan to build three new hospitals for expats is a necessity and forms part of health insurance system which covers expatriates. It will soon be applicable to nationals as well.

According to Dr.Hilal Al-Sayer, the Minister of Health (MoH), the new facilities will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, and will offer medical insurance policy. A shareholding company will run the hospitals to offer basic medical services to expats with specialized medical staff.

However, under emergency conditions, the public hospitals will still be open to expatriates, said Abdulhadi.

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