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Jahra Road project aimed at modernizing Kuwait

Infrastructural development is among the main projects undertaken by the Kuwaiti government for modernization of Kuwait. Among these, the Jahra Road Development project is the largest elevated road projects in the world.

The Head of Public Relations, Adullah Al-Mansour, who recently spoke to the media about the project, mentioned that the 11 kilometer elevated road comprises of two divergent roads. Due to the ongoing work and traffic congestions here, some compromises need to be done.

Due to the work-in-progress here, drivers may face inconveniences, such as the ramp amidst Al-Ghazali bridge and Jahra road will be closed. However, he assured that efforts are being made together with the traffic department to ensure a smooth traffic flow.

Currently the piling work is being carried out. Studies have been conducted on lands, wherein bridges will have to be built. The piling tests conducted recently have already been successful.

The Jahra Road development project forms a part of the strategic plan by the Ministry of Public Works (MPW) to develop the motorway system in Kuwait. The project will transform the Jahra road into a single highway. Apart from this, the project will also offer a range of utilities and drainage systems throughout the length of the project route, which will again require relocation, protection and refurbishment.

Also to be carried out are the renovation works including relocation of water lines and sewage system, preservation work, removal of dead gas lines, low voltage and high voltage cables, irrigation, telephone servies and rainwater drainage system.

The main objectives of the project include segregation of bypass traffic and local traffic flow, increasing the capacity of Jahra Road while also minimizing traffic congestions and reducing accidents, to meet traffic demands in future, to improve road amenities and services and safety standards.

Located towards the western region of Kuwait, the project began on 13th September last year and cost KD264.76mn. The project will be carried out in five phases.

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