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Expat workers on government contracts should work 3years prior to transfer

Expatriate workers working on government contracts can now transfer to another sponsor if necessary, provided, they have adhered to the current sponsor for at least three consecutive years, announced the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour in Kuwait.

A decision in this regard has already been issued by Deputy Premier for Legal Affairs and Minister of Justice, Social Affairs and Labour, Dr. Mohammad Al-Afasi.

Al-Dosari said such transfers are permissible, provided the employee has completed three consecutive years of service under the current sponsor, and the worker should submit three-month notice, in accordance with the Private Sector Labour Law, prior to transferring to another sponsor.

Al-Dosari further explained that workers can file a complaint at the Labour Relations Department in case the sponsors do not sanction the transfer. Under such circumstance, the notice period will begin on the day, the worker files a complaint, and the sponsor will be informed immediately.

The workers will have to attach the copy of notice sent by them to the sponsor along with transfer application form. During this notice period, the labour department should not receive any absconding report, warned Al-Dosari.

As for fixed contracts, Al-Dosari said that workers will have to abide by the contract period, and they are not permitted for any transfer to another sponsor, and in such cases they will not be granted transfer even if they have completed three consecutive years with current sponsor.

According to Al-Dosari, this rule will help protect the interest of company owners’, apart from ensuring that the workers don’t breach their contracts, unless they prove otherwise.

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