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Indian Government defers pre-departure registration for ECNR passport holders

The Indian Government has deferred the decision to make pre-departure registration mandatory for ECNR passport holders, flying to 18 nations, including Kuwait.

The Ministry of External Affairs in its public notice, stated that the decision to make ECNR registration mandatory for Indians flying to these countries on employment visa, has been deferred due to the concerns raised by the community.

The advisory pertaining to registration of non-ECR passport holders was temporarily suspended until further orders, it said.

On 14th November this year, India had announced that all Indian nationals with employment visa in all 18 countries that required emigration check, would have to register online from 1st January 2019 one the e-migrate platform by the government.

The registration was mandatory for all Indian nationals holding employment visas, while the people and dependents on investor visas were exempted from the same.

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