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Kuwait plans to slash expat numbers

Kuwait plans to establish a National Committee to plan and manage the demographic structure to implement a road map to reduce the expat numbers by at least 1.5 million in the next seven years.

The Committee will work with an aim to implement plans to make Kuwaitis 50 percent of the population, and ensure that expats do not exceed that number.

The number of expatriates now is just more than 3.244 million, while nationals are around 1.4 million, based on figures published by the Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI).

As per report, if this equation is to materialize, the expat numbers may be reduced by a minimum of 1.5 million, without even considering natural growth and any future recruitment.

The expected plan also envisions that the expat numbers should not exceed 25 percent of Kuwait population.  On implementation of this plan, at least 600,000 Indians and 300,000 Egyptians, the two communities that largely exceed the expected limit, will be among those reduced.

However, the proposal does not point out the mechanism to be adopted for the implementation. It also does not mention if the proposal includes reduction of domestic helps.

MoE to terminate 1,186 expat staff

Meanwhile, the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has already requested the Education Ministry to terminate the services of 1,186 expat staff in academic and executive positions by the end of this academic year.

This decision involves 312 teachers, 223 social and psychological researchers and 604 support staff.

The CSC has forwarded a letter to the ministry about termination of expat employees and cancellation of contracts.

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Kuwait plans to slash expat numbers

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