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Kuwait grants three month expat visit visas for wives and children

According to the latest circular issued by Interior Ministry Assistant Undersecretary for National and Passport Affairs, Maj. Gen. Faisal Al Nawaf, the wives and children of expats are granted three month visit visas instead of one month.

According to sources, the new instructions are effective since last Thursday, and the implementation began from 16th September 2018.

The decision has been made based on humanitarian grounds, as the presence of spouses and children for longer duration is believed to have a positive effect on the local market.

The source further said that any expat who had already applied for a visit visa and was granted one month, can now submit a new application and get visit visa for three months.

However, the other visit visas continue to be valid only for one month duration.

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Kuwait grants three month expat visit visas for wives and children

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