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Bayan Botanical Garden in Kuwait – place to visit for nature lovers

Kuwait botanical garden, located at Bayan Palace, officially opened doors on 24th February 2015, and was inaugurated by none other than the Emir of Kuwait, himself.

Spanning an area of 15,793sqm, with more than 3500 sqm of space being devoted for cultivation of exotic plants, it could easily be mistaken for a rainforest.  But, the botanical garden is a plant sanctuary, located within Bayan Palace, and serves as the perfect escape from Kuwait’s urban jungle.

The Bayan Palace botanical garden is one of the main attractions for visitors to Kuwait, and is one of the must-visit places in Kuwait. Despite its small size, it is well-maintained. It has three connected green houses or glass domes. Even when the temperatures hit their peak outside, the indoor climate is well controlled.

After passing through the lobby, you enter into a broad open space with lovely patches of green. Different types of rainforest plants, cactus, are all well-nurtured and planted within the green house.

On the left side you can see plants that are native to the tropical environment, while on the right, there are plants native to the hotter areas. In the tropical section, you can see various types of tropical plants and flowers ranging from palms to banana trees, wild orchids, ferns and flowering trees being artistically displayed. The soothing sounds of water installations form the right background music. The water plants section has lilies and other native plants.

Outside the greenhouse, there are beautiful walk areas, but there are some restrictions to be followed by general public. There are restrictions on food/drink and the overall cleanliness is great.

Being a small park, you can complete viewing the entire park in 30 minutes. But, if you are a nature lover, and like to spend some quality time with plants, you can hang on till the closing time.

If planning a visit to the park, please make note of the following:

• Do not forget to carry along your passport or civil ID when visiting the park.
• The park is open to public only on Thursdays from 9am to 1pm
• No food or drinks are allowed within the park.
• No special permission is required for entry into the park, but, you cannot enter the park as a large group. A group of 2 or 3 is advisable. Larger groups will be allowed only with official invitations.
• People of certain nationalities are not allowed for security reasons.
• Almost the entire park is wheelchair accessible.

Public visit timing:
Every Thursday 9.00am to 1:00pm

Bayan Botanical Gardens
22 Road, Bayan Palace
Kuwait City

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