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New law in Kuwait imposes heavy fines for hanging laundry in balcony

According to Law No 190/2008 activated by the Kuwait Municipality now, spreading clothes to dry on balconies will be an act liable to attract penalty. The law aims to protect urban landscape from being defaced.

An emergency team from the Capital Governorate has organized an inspection campaign in Bneid Al-Gar, which recently warned some tenants of apartments overlooking the Istiqlal Street.

The Head of the emergency team, Zeid Al-Enezi said that the team members have put stickers on the doors of apartments that have violated the ministerial decision. The violators will be punished in the form of fines ranging from KD!00 to KD300.

The residents in Kuwait, who hang out laundry on their balconies will be fined upto KD300 the new campaign confirms.

The campaign has been initiated due to concerns over hygiene and visual pollution, as several regions and cities in Gulf countries were pushing for strict regulations in this regard.

The campaign dates back to a ministerial decision issued in 2008, and has been going on for years. It is now that it has been implemented. So far, 12 apartments have been warned. Hefty fines are not rare in Kuwait.

A similar ban was also introduced in Bahrain last year, after some residents complained about the sight of hanging lingerie outside, which was embarrassing.

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