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Kuwait government departments to slash expat worker numbers annually

Aimed at reducing the number of expats in government departments in Kuwait, the government in Kuwait will not extend or renew the contracts of terminated expats working in various ministries and state departments, planning to replace them with nationals.

Laid-off expats will henceforth not be allowed to work in any other government body. No exceptions would be made in appointing these expats in government bodies, a Kuwait daily revealed.

Further, it reports that hiring expats in specialties that cannot be done by nationals, requires approval from Civil Service Commission.

A government decision has already been made to compulsorily instruct all state departments to reduce the expat employees every year, so as to touch the target numbers by the government by the year 2022.

The list of expat employees to be laid off during the coming financial year, is under process.

Meanwhile, it has been said that the Ministry of Electricity and Water plans to assess its requirement for expat workers, and the ministry will take a decision on whether their contracts should be extended when they expire, or just let them go.

The assessment will help the ministry in its efforts to hire Kuwaiti manpower, rather than hiring expat workers with expiring contacts, a report said.

But, this decision is likely to affect huge expat numbers, working in the Ministry.

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