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Kuwait Parliament introduces new Sports Law

The Kuwait National Assembly has unanimously approved a new Sports Law early in the week, which is expected to end the bans imposed by the world footballing body FIFA and the International Olympic Council (IOC).

The new sports law endorsed by the Kuwait Parliament is hoped to end bans from international competitions over alleged government interference.

The World sports bodies led by FIFA and the IOC had suspended Kuwait in October 2015, for the second time since 2010, over alleged govenrment meddling in sports.

In the year 2016, the authorities dissolved Kuwait’s sports bodies, including its Olympic Committee and Football Federation. It later established a temporary committee in its place, although FIFA and IOC refused to recognize these bodies.
Now, the Kuwait Parliament voted for the new law, in a measure to affirm the independence of sports.

The Acting Minister of  the State for Youth Affairs, Khaled al-Roudhan, said the law will lead to an end to the ban. The Minister said that the new law fulfills international conditions and criteria.

Roudhan said that he would write to FIFA requesting it to lift the ban. According to analysts, Kuwait’s sports crisis has blocked the country from participating in international competitions, and it is the result of a power struggle within the ruling elite.

Kuwait has been barred from participating in qualifiers for 2018 World Cup, the 2019 Asian Cup, and was also barred from Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

The world bodies have put forth three conditions for accepting Kuwait back – it must issue a new sports law inline with international treaties, drop lawsuits that it brought against the world governing bodies, and also reinstate its original sports committees.

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