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New regulatory decisions likely to control expat flow

In a bid to control the flow of expats into the country and fight visa traders, authorities are likely to take certain regulatory decisions, like for instance, allowing men working on development projects to shift to another project, following end of their contract, rather than asking them to pack their bags.

Addressing the imbalance would be done through regulatory decisions pertaining to labour market, which would be issued by the Supreme Committee shortly.

The sources have attributed the imbalance in demographics to the presence of huge number of marginal workers, constituting more than one million, including farmers, fishermen and shepherds.

As per the finding, the productive expat workers in the country do not exceed 400,000, in comparison to 1.7 million marginal workers.

The sources also justified that the lack of accurate numbers of expat labour in Kuwait is due to the fact that many of them hold residency visas without actually residing in Kuwait, but, they only visit Kuwait occasionally to keep their residences valid.

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