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New proposal seeks Residency Permit for parents, siblings

Authorities are discussing ways to allow Residency Permit for parents and siblings of expatriates in the country.

As per the current rule, new applications for Residency Permits for parents and siblings remain suspended, while renewal of existing dependence visas are being taken up on individual case basis, based on ‘humanitarian decision’.

The latest report states that the existing visa is only renewed if the sponsor buys private health insurance policy for the relative he intends to sponsor.  The ban on issuing new family residencies for parents and siblings continue to remain valid until further notice.

The new draft law states that the sponsor’s salary should be a minimum of KD1000 to obtain dependence visa for parents and siblings. The sponsor will have to pay KD200 to KD300 under Article 22 residency fees, and should take private health insurance where the fee will be determined following co-ordination with health ministry and could reach upto KD300 as is the case with health insurance of private companies.

On approval of this proposal, it would be possible for expats to bring in parents and siblings on Article 22 visas.

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