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Kuwait works towards Schengen Visa exemption for nationals

Kuwait is ready to resume negotiations with the European Commission on exemption of Kuwaitis from Schengen Visa, the Assistant Foreign Minister for Europe Affairs Ambassador, Waleed Al-Khubaizi has confirmed.

The Kuwaiti government will resume talks once the commission resolves the issue of influx of illegal immigrants to Europe, said Khubaizi in a press statement, after meeting Nicholas Westcott, Managing Director for Middle East and North Africa at the European External Action Service in EU.

The request for Schengen visa waiver by Kuwaiti nationals was addressed to Westcott  during the meeting. Consultations were also held to boost bilateral ties and activate co-operation deals between them last July.

The talks also threw light on the 'eminent' presence of Kuwait nationals in Europe, particularly in investment and energy fields and ways to capitalize on such distinctive bilateral ties to reach mutual understanding.

The two sides also discussed Kuwaiti-European common interests including efforts to restoring stability, boost security in the region, and in strengthening human rights, principles and values. They also agreed on activating co-operation between Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development and European development institutions in Third World countries, particularly African continent, which forms part of Kuwait’s rile in humanitarian action.

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