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Kuwait to increase residence fee of expats

The Ministry of Interior is planning to increase residence fees of foreigners said a local daily. As per reports, the fee for dependents wishing to join the family is KD300. The decision is inclusive of a payment of KD30 for each visit visa and temporary residence of KD20. The decision will be referred to the National Assembly for approval shortly.

Meanwhile, authorities have suggested the following measures to find a solution to Kuwait’s growing demographic imbalance problem. As per local media reports, these measures are:

• Reducing the number of domestic helpers’ visas which a citizen is entitled to issue by 40 to 50 percent.

• Reducing the number of labourers by 25 percent, that security companies contracted with the government, and the rest are planned to be made up using modern technology.

• Limiting the stay of expat labourers working in certain professions in Kuwait by a maximum of 10 to 20 years, after which, a worker would be mandated to leave the country for good.

• The measures also include reducing the number of visas issued per person in a single year, working on passing a new legislation to increase residency violation fee by 100 percent, passing a legislation to penalize any person found guilty of helping or encouraging absconders.

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