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Expat medical services to get costlier, Minister confirms

The decision to increase the charges of medical services being offered to expats would be implemented soon, confirmed the Health Minister, Dr. Jamal Al-Harbi, who emphasized that there is no reason to retract this decision.

The Minister said that the decision would be enforced on completion of necessary procedures like mechanism for payment of charges.

Meanwhile, MP Khalil Al-Saleh requested expediting the discussions on the report submitted by the Health Committee of the Parliament about health insurance of expats and the charges for their medical services.

He said that the government supports his proposal, as it is enforced in most countries across the world. According to the proposal, the sponsors are obligated to attach an insurance policy for expats when sending visas inviting them to Kuwait. The insurance policy allows the visitor to receive medical services for free in private hospitals during his stay in Kuwait.

The Health Ministry is also working towards introduction of vaccines against Varicella and Rotavirus with basic vaccination program for children in the country during the coming August. According to sources, the import of vaccines takes about two to three months and requires completion of procedures in this regard to guarantee implementation of ministerial decision to amend the schedule of basic vaccination of children in Kuwait and this will be effective by August.

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