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Kuwait government to gradually make public hospitals exclusive for nationals

The government told MPs that their demand to resolve the demographic imbalance is the top priority for the Cabinet. The demands to restrict public hospital services exclusively to nationals would be done gradually, as private hospitals in Kuwait are currently incapable of absorbing huge expat numbers.

According to sources, the government plans to initially increase expat health service fees, denying them access to certain services like MRIs and endoscopies, and stopping public hospital services for expats would take atleast three years, until private health insurance hospitals for non-Kuwaitis begin operations.

According to sources, the government would provide lawmakers with plans to keep away expat administrative employees in various government sectors, but, it would be difficult to do the same with technical and professional people like teachers and nurses.

Moreover, the government would work on making it compulsory for employers to deport expat labourers as soon as they complete their mission, and ban residency transfers for those terminated. Visit visas would be controlled when the parliament passes the law of imposing health insurance fee on visitors.

The sources also emphasized that it would be impossible to rely on bedoons to replace expats as most of them are not trained or specialized. Moreover, such a measure contradicts the state’s policy in treating them as illegal residents. Therefore, they have to legalize their stay, the sources pointed out.

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