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Environmental fuel project nears 65 percent completion

About 65 percent of the environment fuel project is complete in Kuwait, and 80 percent of the rest will be done by the end of the current fiscal year on 31st March 2017, the Kuwait National Petroleum Company (KNPC) said.

The number of workers required for environmental fuel project is about 26,000, with about 1000 employees belonging to various nationalities arriving every week for this purpose, says KNPC sources.

The sources revealed that labour force for environmental fuel project has solved part of the problem pertaining to empty buildings and apartments over past three years in Mahboula, Fintas and Mangaf.

According to sources, the contractors prefer these areas due to their proximity to the project sites.  Reports say that 60 percent of residential buildings and apartments in these areas have been empty for three years, so the rentals have reduced considerably.

The target number of workers as per plan is 50,000 at the peak of the project, although, contractors are likely to present their plans next month to determine if they will implement the work with this number of labour force or reduce it further.

Workers involved in the project solved about 30 percent of the problem faced by residential real estate business in the aforementioned areas, although various residential buildings are still empty.

Talking about empty residential buildings in Salmiya, Hawally and Farwaniya, sources said that the buildings in these areas do not attract contracts as their location is based away from project sites. The role of KNPC is to open a labour file at the concerned government body, indicating other functions like hiring workers and housing them, which comes under the jurisdiction of subcontract.

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