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Kuwait International Airport services revamped

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) declared on Wednesday that new measures would be implemented this week to revamp the services at Kuwait International Airport.

The DGCA General Director Yousef Al-Fozan mentioned that the entry zone for departing passengers would be expanded, with a gate for all passengers, and another one for Kuwaiti and GCC nationals, and a third for first-class, crew members and business travellers.

About seven X-ray scanning devices have been installed, with more to come next week, said Al-Fozan, who also revealed that the departure counters would be increased from 10 to 22.

There are about 100 counters for serving the departing passengers, and their luggage at the passengers’ terminal, in addition to eight electronic devices for issuing hand luggage tickets to passengers.  Moreover, night time flights have been re-scheduled to avert jamming.

The Kuwait airport has the capacity to accommodate about 2000 departing passengers an hour.  It receives 100 planes in regular days, 130 ones during travel seasons, and also 200 personnel wearing phosphoric uniforms have been tasked with aiding the passengers. New gates have been built at the parking lots.

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