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First 4D theatre in Kuwait launched by Grand Cinemas

Under the management of Selim Ramia & Co. Grand Cinemas has announced today, the beginning of a new era with the introduction of the first 4D Cinema in Kuwait.

The world’s foremost 4D cinema technology, MX4D® will be introduced exclusive at Grand Al-Hamra Luxury Centre, marking another innovation ‘first’ for the region’s  fastest growing cinema chain.

MX4D is MediaMation’s uniquely branded “4D” motion and special effects system. 4D refers to a new level in total immersion technology, which brings the cinema alive by allowing movie-goers to experience big Hollywood titles on moving seats, augmented with special environmental effects.

The special effects system may include air blasts, water spray, fog, scent, strobe lighting, leg and neck ticklers, back pokers, seat rumblers and other special effects that emanate from the specially designed theatre seats, or from inside the theatre itself.

The multiple EFX are programmed to both sync with and improve the action on the screen and sounds in the theatre for a more realistic movie-going and exciting experience.

Grand Cinemas will launch the MX4D experience at Al Hamra Luxury Centre in July in a state-of-the-art theatre housing 90 specially-equipped motion EFX seats, surrounded by thrilling atmospheric effect systems that allow film fans to smell, touch, feel, and live each moment of their chosen movie attraction. The MX4D experience will kick off with Independence Day, Ghostbusters 3D and Ice Age 3D.

Jean Ramia of Grand Cinemas said that Grand Cinemas has been consistent in its commitment to raising the cinema experience in Kuwait, as the moviegoers want the latest and best always. Therefore, Grand Cinemas aim to set pace for ground-breaking technologies, and hence are pleased to launch Kuwait’s first MX4D theatre, the next trend in the world of entertainment.

Although Grand Cinema made its foray into Kuwait in 2012, the brand has been over more than 16 years the leading force for cinema innovation all through Middle East, and continue to deliver on its promise to movie-goers across the region.

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