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Kuwaitis lament about high cost of hiring domestic help

According to Bureaus Fadhel, the Head of Kuwait Association for Domestic Workers, the mounting cost of hiring domestic helps in Kuwait is due to the recent deliberate suspension of housemaids from more than 12 countries.

Currently, the three main countries from where domestic workers are being recruited are Philippines, Sri Lanka and Cameroon. Kuwait has banned hiring of maids from Nepal, Indonesia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Mali, Nigeria, Tanzania, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Madagascar, Congo and India.

Since the year 1985, the cost of hiring domestic helps has increased six folds. Back then, the cost was KD160 to KD220, but, ever-since the Iraqi invasion, it has grown to KD260 to KD300. During the period 1994 to 1998, the cost dipped to less than KD250 as Kuwait began acquiring domestic helps from India, but, with recruitment of domestic helps from Indonesia the cost again increased to KD300, due to increased travel cost.

From the year 2008, the number of domestic helps entering Kuwait reduced considerably due to increased complexity in the process, and due to ban imposed by certain countries such as Indonesia.

Bureaus Fadhel lamented that the unjust defamation hurled against domestic helps in Kuwait is responsible for high costs. He said that some unknown individuals infiltrated the whole process and changed its structure so much so that they said some domestic bureaus are operating without licenses and some of them were just bogus offices without any staff physically working at the registered locations.

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