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Kuwait to recruit Indian nurses only through government agencies

In a bid to curb malpractices involved in the private sector, the State of Kuwait has announced that henceforth Indian nurses would be recruited only through government agencies.

The move was taken following reports that Indian paramedics had to shell up $7000 in India to have their names on the list of those recruited to work in Kuwait.

The Assistant Undersecretary for Medical Support Service Affairs, Dr. Jamal Al Harbi, said that he held three meetings with Indian Ambassador to Kuwait, Sunil Jain, to discuss the issue of recruiting Indian nurses amidst complaints that some private firms were imposing royalties on them.

Two government entities in India have been tasked with responsibility of recruiting Indian nurses and sending them over to work in Kuwait, while the private firms involved that were in-charge of operations have been removed.
Representatives from the two establishments will visit Kuwait next month and meet the Health Minister and finalize the procedures.

Kuwait has not reported any problems with recruitment of nurses from other countries so far. However, there has been a blatant abuse of nurses seeking jobs in Kuwait, and it has been reported that private companies are taking money from them to ensure they are recruited, and that they have long-running work contracts in Kuwait.

Kuwait, just as is the case with other GCC nations, relies heavily on skilled and inexpensive paramedical teams from Asia, particularly India, and Philippines. Recruiting agencies have often been accused of taking advantage of high number of applicants who seek to work in the Gulf and of the lucrative offers from GCC states to boost their profits.

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